Thank you for your interest in the National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals, Inc. (NOGLSTP) at Indiana University. In order to be an official member of the local chapter, you must join the national organization. You can join on-line or download a paper form to mail in by going to and clicking on ‘Member Services’. The annual dues are only $25 ($10 for college students). When you join, check the box that indicates you also wish to be a member of NOGLSTP at IU; you will then be a member of both. Even if you do not have the time to participate right now, you can be a great support to us just by joining NOGLSTP. Everyone is welcome to join.

If you are interested in learning more about NOGLSTP at IU or about becoming more involved, you are encouraged to attend one of our weekly meetings. Everyone is welcome. If you would like to receive updates about NOGLSTP at IU, you are encouraged to have yourself added to our email list.

Why Join?
NOGLSTP is a scholarly and professional organization. By joining, you ally yourself with a network of LGBTQ friendly scientists, scholars and professionals. Membership in NOGLSTP and NOGLSTP at IU is something positive to put on your CV/resume. Even more impressive is to be a NOGLSTP at IU officer and/or committee chairperson.

If you have goals and projects you would like to accomplish, becoming a committee chairperson lends you even greater authority and credibility. You can define your own committee. You now have a title from a scholarly organization and the support of a national organization that has been around since 1980. If you are not ready to chair your own committee, you can join an existing committee and learn more first in a supporting role.

The NOGLSTP at IU officer positions (of President, Secretary and Treasurer) may only be filled by NOGLSTP members who are students at Indiana University. NOGLSTP at IU committee members and committee chairs are open to all NOGLSTP members.

NOGLSTP at IU became an official Indiana University student group in October of 2009. As a result, openings still exist on all committees. Volunteer today! Your help is greatly appreciated.

Committees (current)
Education and Outreach
Membership and Welcoming
Minutes and Records
Public Relations/Publicity

Committees (potential)
Gender Expression/Identity Advocacy
Harassment Response
Faculty Mentor Search
Career Opportunities

What is a Committee?
In general, a committee is a group of 3-5 NOGLSTP members who agree to work together to further an ongoing NOGLSTP at IU objective. This is often done by identifying and accomplishing specific tasks. Any NOGLSTP member can form a committee provided the President and one other NOGLSTP member agree to its definition and objective. Ordinarily, new committees are chaired by the member who proposed forming the committee. When a chairperson resigns from an existing committee, committee members then discuss who would like to be the next chairperson and work it out amongst themselves. If only one person would like to be the chair person, that person is named chairperson. Voting is not the preferred method of choosing a chairperson. It is hoped that anyone who resigns a committee will provide notice via email to all the committee’s members, and when the chairperson resigns they will provide a minimum of two week’s notice stating clearly whether they are resigning as chair only and wish to remain on the committee or if they are resigning the committee completely. Either way, it is expected that they will be sure to supply the appropriate NOGLSTP officials with all documents and records pertaining to the said committee. Whenever there is a vacancy, the NOGLSTP group President will become ‘acting’ chair and the committee will be dubbed ‘inactive’ until a new chair is named. The President is not to be the permanent chair of any committee. If a NOGLSTP member requests to join a committee that has less than five members, that person is automatically placed on the committee. If a NOGLSTP member requests to join a committee that already has five members, the committee chair will inform the other committee members and ask if anyone would like to resign the committee. Only if all five (5) committee members are active and unwilling to resign, will a NOGLSTP member’s request to join a committee be rejected. Committees are allowed no more than five official members at this time. However, additional NOGLSTP members and non-members may certainly volunteer to help a committee and may participate to the degree the committee chair deems appropriate. Ultimately, the committee chair is the person responsible for meeting the committee’s objectives. The other members are there primarily to offer feedback and support. They are the checks and balances for the chairperson’s ideas and actions.

Policy regarding Inactive Committee Members:
Determining when committee members are considered inactive will be left to the discretion of each committee chair. Once a member is considered inactive, the committee chair will send them an e-mail asking them if they would like to continue to be a member of the given committee. The member in question will have one week to respond to this e-mail. If they fail to, they will be removed from the committee. If they respond and still express interest in being a committee member, they will work with the committee chair to improve their participation in the committee.

You may volunteer to serve on (or form) a committee by emailing the President of NOGLSTP at IU. Only NOGLSTP members may be on committees – others may volunteer to help.
• The President is on every committee, but others will chair committees
• Active committees will have a chair and 1-3 others in addition to the President for a total of 3-5 members
• New members are encouraged to attend more than one meeting before signing up

Committee Chairperson
Is chosen by a consensus amongst the committees members. The chair is ultimately responsible for meeting the committees objectives – they manage the committee.
• Creates committee descriptions
• Defines and assigns tasks
• Maintains current committee description, tasks, and membership for posting on web site
• Supplies a weekly committee report at meetings
• Submits a semester-end Activity Summary Report

Committee member Responsibilities
• Select the committee chair
• Agree to work on the tasks of the committee, to offer feedback, and respond to email