NOGLSTP at IU has no plan to be active after the 2011-2012 school year. If you are interested in reactivating this group for the 2012-2013 school year, please contact the 2011-2012 officers.

1. 2012 Upcoming Public Event Schedule

2. 2011 meeting MINUTES

3. 2010 meeting MINUTES

4. Get Real About Discrimination



7. NOGLSTP at IU weekly meeting Agenda template

1. 2012 Upcoming Public Event Schedule (Updated 1/31/12)

02/05/12 2:00pm Meeting IMU Starbucks

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2. 2011 meeting MINUTES
04/19/11 minutes not available
04/05/11 minutes not available
03/22/11 minutes not available
03/01/11 minutes
02/08/11 minutes

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3. 2010 meeting MINUTES
11/30/10 minutes
11/23/10 No meeting — Thanksgiving Break!
11/16/10 No meeting
11/09/10 minutes not available
11/02/10 No meeting
10/26/10 No business meeting Intersex Awareness Day film instead
10/19/10 minutes not available
10/12/10 No meeting
10/05/10 minutes
09/28/10 No meeting
09/21/10 minutes not available
09/14/10 minutes not available
09/07/10 minutes
08/31/10 minutes
May through August 2010 No Meetings — Summer Break
04/28/10 minutes
04/21/10 minutes
04/14/10 minutes not available
04/07/10 No business meeting. Paragraph 175 movie instead.
03/31/10 minutes
03/24/10 minutes
03/17/10 No Meeting — Spring Break
03/10/10 minutes
03/03/10 minutes
02/24/10 minutes
02/17/10 minutes
02/10/10 minutes
02/03/10 No business meeting. Mass LGBT callout instead.
01/27/10 minutes
01/20/10 minutes
01/13/10 minutes not available

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4. Get Real About Discrimination weekly Empowerment Group:
> Every Friday during the school year in the IMU Persimmon Room
> Doors open at 5:30 pm — we begin promptly at 6:00 pm
> Newcomer briefing begins at 5:40 pm
> Observers and Participants welcome!

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5. NOGLSTP at IU MEETING STYLE (read near the beginning of meetings)
NOGLSTP is a professional organization, and during our meetings we conduct ourselves professionally. This means being respectful, and not using language that is insulting to each other or to any other groups. Please, don’t be sarcastic or mocking. Speak for yourself and use direct honest communication; use ‘I’ language. Keep on point. Do not interrupt others while they are speaking and avoid side conversations. Everyone is a volunteer, so be grateful and refrain from telling others what to do. No one is required to do anything. However, for us to be a successful group, we need people to volunteer and to follow through on what they say they will do. If you are unsure, do not commit. If you volunteer and cannot follow through, let the committee chair or president know. Communication and dialogue help us to have a healthy, successful, functional group. It is important that everyone feel that they have a voice. Let’s strive to show newcomers that the NOGLSTP at IU environment is safe, healthy, and inclusive.

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6. DISCRIMINATION STATEMENT (read near the end of meetings)
There are many groups that claim they are for diversity and authenticity and against discrimination. It is our experience that many of these groups do not practice what they preach. While they are busy trying to change others and change the world, they leave no room for the possibility that they are part of the problem. Any group that does not specifically allow individuals to voice their grievances and does not admit that the group as a whole (or some of its members) may at times discriminate is not dealing in reality. It is very important to us that all participants be encouraged to speak up about their experience at our meetings. Does anyone feel mistreated or not heard today?

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7. NOGLSTP at IU weekly meeting Agenda template
1. Call to order
2. Introductions
3. Committee Reports
4. Officer Reports
5. Old Business Discussions
6. New Business Discussions
7. Announcements/Communications/Comments
8. Adjournment

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